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Things to do in Geilo
Best Things to do in Norway

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Geilo is a centre in the municipality of Hol in Norway, in the valley of Hallingdal, with around 2300 inhabitants. The Bergen Line facilitated Geilo's development as the first skiing resort in the country, and it is still one of the largest. It is also famous for having some of the most luxurious and expensive holiday cabins in Norway.

Geilo is primarily a ski resort town, but also offers summer activities. Geilo is in a valley with mountain ranges on each side. The center of the town lies at 800 meters above sea level, and its highest point is 1178 meters above sea level. It is 250 km from Oslo and 260 km from Bergen.

It has a train station (Geilo stasjon) with roughly five trains a day going to either Bergen (to the west) or Oslo (to the east). The closest airport is Geilo Airport, Dagali (24 km away), while the closest airport that accepts international flights is Fagernes Airport. Geilo has three lakes, Slåttahølen, Vestlefjorden, and Ustedalsfjorden, by far the largest of the three.

Geilo is a small town and has few shops and entertainment spots. The sentrum mainly consists of two large wooden buildings, much like a shopping centre/mall. In one is a tourist information, Co-op supermarket, café Capri restaurant, newsagents, undercover parking, and a police station. In the other is an Intersport, supermarket, newsagent, and Geilogrillen. Down the road there is a small cinema, library, and school. There is also a large sports hall (Geilohallen), which is also the local sports club (Geilo IL). Behind the building is a floodlit prepared cross country track, and a biathlon shooting range. The tourist Centre is located next to Sport 1 and has information about the various group outings and experiences, especially in regards to experiencing the Hardangervidda National Park area, including the glacier at Finse, which is 1222 metres above sea level.

For a small town there is a large choice of hotels and apartments. One of the hotels is one of Norway’s most famous, Dr Holms with 2 afterski bars, Recepten and the Ski bar upstairs with an excellent view over Geilo. Others include the Bardøla, Vestlia, which is on the door step of Geilolia ski centre, and the Highland Hotel.

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